War Crimes Chamber Cases

Completed Cases heard by the War Crimes Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Case Analysis Database

This case analysis database of completed proceedings heard by the War Crimes Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina was prepared by Claire Garbett. The version that is available in BCS was translated by Jasenka Ferizović. As certain Verdicts are not yet available in English, the information given below was translated from the documents available in BCS. The database was compiled as part of the research for the European Research Council Grant ‘Bosnian Bones, Spanish Ghosts: ‘Transitional Justice’ and the Legal Shaping of Memory after Two Modern Conflicts’ with Sari Wastell as Principle Investigator. The project is held within the Department of Anthropology, Goldsmiths, University of London. The database was prepared with the assistance of Sari Wastell and Kirsten Campbell, and with support from the other project members. The project team would like to thank the Public Information and Outreach Section of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina for providing information relevant to the compilation of the database.

This database was developed from the dataset design of Kirsten Campbell, who was responsible for overseeing the research. See her paper ‘The Gender of Transitional Justice: Law, Sexual Violence and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia’, The International Journal of Transitional Justice 1: 411-432.

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Name, Surname
Case No.
 BARIČANIN, SAŠA  (Case No. S1 1 K 004648 11 KrI)
 BJELIĆ, VEIZ  (Case No. X-KR-07/430-1) (Plea Agreement case)
 BOŠKIĆ, MARKO  (Case No. X-KR-10/928) (Plea Agreement case)
 ĆIRKOVIĆ, MILIVOJE  (Case No. X-KR-10/1029) (Plea Agreement Case)
 FUŠTAR, DUŠAN  (Case No. X-KR-06/200-1) (Plea Agreement Case)
 GLAVAŠ, BRANIMIR  (Case No. SU-10-431/10)
 GOLUBOVIĆ, BLAGOJE  (Case No. X-KR-08/494-1)
 IVANKOVIĆ, DAMIR  (Case No. X-KR-08/549-1) (Plea Agreement Case)
 JAKUPOVIĆ, ELVIR  (Case No. X-KR-10/906) (Plea Agreement Case)