News and Events 3

Sari Wastell: Principle Investigator - Invited Presentations and Briefings, Spring/Summer 2013 

25- 26 March, 'Spaces of Transitional Justice: Law, States, Victims' conference, Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge, under the auspices of the ‘Localising International Law’ Research Project. Sari presented findings to date on the interface of transitional justice initiatives and the re-establishment of the Rule of Law in BiH from 1995-2012.

24 April, Sari was invited to convene a 2 hour workshop at the Centre for Inter-disciplinary Studies, University of Sarajevo to present on the project methodology that underpins the work of the entire BBSG team.

8 May, Sari attended the 'V Jornadas de Seguridad' - Security Studies conference convened by the Instituto Guiterrez Mellado in the Spanish Ministry of Defence, Madrid and offered a project-perspective briefing on the state of transitional justice in BiH.

17-18 May, Sari was invited as a speaker at the iX REKOM conference convened by Natasa Kandic and the Humanitarian Law Centre (Belgrade) on Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she spoke on a panel addressing the contributions of epistemological communities to transitional justice and truth-telling across the states of the former Yugoslavia.

4 June Sari was an invited discussant at the 'Right to Truth, Justice and Reparation' conference, Institute of the Americas, London.