News and Events 1

BBSG and TJMap Dissemination Activities Spring/Summer 2013 

6 April, BBSG co-sponsored the opening of Jim Marshall's photo exhibition to commemorate the anniversary of the start of the siege of Sarajevo, Galeria Boris Smoje, Sarajevo

23-26 May, BBSG-sponsored 'poetry interventions' and public classrooms entitled: A Cija Sam Ja? Ljubavna ili Drzana in Sarajevo and Mostar, BiH. These included readings by Ferida Durakovic, Tanja Stupar Trifunovic, Sejla Sehabovic, and Adisa Basic and a facilitated discussion led by Damir Arsenijevic. The Sarajevo and Mostar interventions built on the powerful work already accomplished in Tuzla and Banja Luka with these same poets.

13 June, the TJMapping project, itself a product of the BBSG research, continues its programme of knowledge-sharing activities, which it co-hosts with the UNDP Sarajevo. This workshop, to be held at the UN House in Sarajevo, will present the most recent sectorial analyses of our transitional justice database, a database that maps more than 5000 transitional justice initiatives undertaken between 1995 and 2012, using sophisticated social network analysis software. In the afternoon, we will have speakers with us to discuss the role of youth activism in strengthening civil society in BiH as well as the role of cultural production in social reconciliation, memory politics and memorialisation. Please contact Elma Demir if you are interested in being invited to this event.

12 August, Principal Investigator, Sari Wastell will convene a 'BBSG Forensic Roundtable' with Spain's leading forensic scientists and experts on mass grave exhumations in dialogue with Admir Jugo, BBSG Forensic Expert and representative of the ICMP (International Committee for Missing Persons). We aim to discuss not only the relationship of forensic technologies to disparate objectives of exhumation activity, but also the political contexts, pragmatics constraints, legal frameworks and required protocols that circumscribe these activities. The roundtable will be convened at the BBSG ‘project house’ in La Rioja, Spain and people interested in attending are invited to contact Zahira Araguete-Toribios.

13-14 August, Sari Wastell will convene the BBSG Comparative Analysis Workshop/End of Project Planning and Strategy Mtg at the ‘project house’ in La Rioja, Spain. This is a closed session in preparation for the large end-of-project conference and the drafting of the ‘Post-Conflict Action Framework.’

28-30 August: 'Transitional Justice Beyond the One-Size-Fits-All Model', BBSG end-of-project conference, Bilbao, hosted by the 'Universidad de Deusto', Pais Vasco, Spain. Please contact Zahira Araguete-Toribios for further information.